Wrongful Death Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one is very traumatic, and it takes a huge emotional toll on the entire family. Apart from dealing with emotions, the family has to face a tremendous burden financially, which includes medical expenses, funeral charges, and so on. The real problem arose when the person who has passed away was the sole breadwinner of the family.

So what exactly comes under the category of wrongful death for which you would need to hire the services of a lawyer? Let us take a look:


* Auto accidents – Perhaps, this is one of the most common causes. Numerous deaths occur due to reckless or drunk driving these days. The casualties due to accidents is rising at an alarming rate each year.

* Medical malpractice – This happens solely due to the negligence of doctors. It is the duty of physicians to put in their best and save a patient’s life no matter what happens. If a patient’s death has occurred because the doctors have failed to take responsibility for the person, then it becomes a wrongful death case.

* Accidents at Work – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration have enforced fast rules and regulations regarding the safety standards of employees. It is the duty of the company to make sure that employees are safe. Working in mines, construction work, or toxicology laboratories are some of the riskiest areas where safety standards need to be strictly implemented. If a workers life is endangered due to lax standards, then the company is responsible.

* Product Liability – Before a product is launched in the market, it has to pass through a series of tests to check its safety. A customer dies after using that product means that the manufacturer, retailer, and dealer can be charged with a wrongful death case. This is because under no circumstances should any product be released into the market unless it is safe to use. Any warnings should be clearly printed on the label or packet.

Now that you know about the causes of wrongful death lawyer phoenix az, the next step is to approach a wrongful death lawyer. Baltimore has some accomplished lawyers who can take on your case and represent it in court if need be. You can go online and start a search for law firms in Baltimore. While choosing, make sure that the firm has a decent success rate as it will give you a rough idea about the attorneys on board.